In His House at R’lyeh, Dead Cursive Waits Dreaming

It’s been a while since a posted about Eldritch Lovecraftian horrors, so I thought it was high time to point out this:




(pause so readers with more delicate constitution can turn away and look upon more pleasant things)













This horrible pink blob has somehow been brought into the battle to publicize cursive as a viable method of communication, presumably by shattering and leaving clean the minds of all who behold him, so that it will be easy to convince them to eschew typing and printing.  As someone who has raised “engineer’s touch typing” to an art form, I have little use for systematic written communication, myself.  But I find it interesting that, as anyone bold enough to visit the “cursive is cool” page will have scene, that the cursive folks are keeping careful track of how many people visit them at any time, and they want you to know they know.  Granted, I do the same thing on this site, but only so that I can send each and every one of my loyal readers a homemade fruitcake at the end of the year.

~ by smwilliams on December 5, 2013.