Does Subway Know What They Are Synergistically Leveraging?

Hunger Games 1I had this whole post started about Subway’s new “Hunger Games: Where Victors Eat” tie-in because, you know, is the board of Subway aware of what, exactly, it means to be a victor in the Hunger Games?  I mean, first of all, there is only one victor per year (other than that one year, of course), which is kind of a small market for a chain like Subway.  Of course, I guess the victors are kept around living in style in special houses, so maybe Subway is positing that they would be like the “official sandwich” of those people in the fictional universe, and they’d keep the mentors well-supplied with food while they trained the new contestants and all?

But the other problem is that, you know, it turns out these victors don’t have a great life, really, despite the luxurious house and all the BMTs they can eat.  Personally, I’m intrigued by the idea of psychologically-damaged former winners of the Hunger Games huddled in opulent houses, littered in Subway wrappers as they watch the starving, beaten-down populous shamble by outside, hating themselves and wishing they’d just lost to escape this hell even as they dread the call summoning them to the next publicity appearance or forced assignation with some member of society’s elite.  But I’m not sure why the folks at Doctor’s Associates wants that image.

Anyway, the folks over at IO9 kind of pointed out some other issues with the tie-in, so I’m not the only one who thinks this is odd.

That said, if anyone from Subway is reading this, get in touch – I have some great ideas for tie-ins with The Road.

~ by smwilliams on November 12, 2013.