Wait, Does This Make My Miracleman Collection More or Less Valuable?

miraclemanCollecting issues of Miracleman was one of the smart things I did in the late 80’s/early 90’s (I think there were like two other smart things I did then, though I’m having difficulty calling them to mind) – it stands in stark contrast to, for example, collecting issues of Secret Wars II (I mean, what…why?)

But I digress – ya’ll didn’t come here to hear about my comic book collection and how much money I could make selling it off (about 6 bucks for Miracleman #1 and about $3.80 for Secret Wars II #1, for some reason).   The reason I go into all this is to lead into the fact that the great Neil Gaiman will finally be wrapping up the Miracleman story he started back in issue 23, after Marvel re-releases the original run starting this January (good luck getting six smackers for one of those reprints, suckers!)

A chance for a wider audience for something arguably better than Watchmen is, of course, great news, and it is only made better by a press release from Marvel that goes through heroic gymnastics to avoid mentioning that, like Watchmen, Miracleman was (up to issue 16* anyway), written by Alan Moore.  It is comforting to know that Alan Moore is as beloved by comics executives as ever.

* Correction: I originally said issue 23, because I hadn’t bothered to haul out my “M” shortbox

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  1. So… is anyone going to address the title question? Will the original Miracleman issues become less valuable? By the way, Alan Moore didn’t write Miracleman up to issue 23. #16 was his last issue.

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