Relative Sizes

It is well-known that sci-fi writers need to really get their ducks in a row, verisimilitude-wise, because sci-fi readers won’t put up with a lot of nonsense and lack of realism.  I mean, other than the lack of realism that is supposed to be there, of course.  But woe betide the writer who spins a crazy yarn about faster than light travel but includes a spaceship with six hovercraft in its hold when it is described as having only forty cubic meters of cargo space.  Readers hate that.

Of course, sci-fi is also constantly building on itself, so every new book doesn’t need to spend hundreds of pages rehashing the notion of wormholes and whatnot.  With that in mind, this comparison chart of various starships in science fiction could come in handy.  Or, if spaceships aren’t your thing, at least make sure you keep your sandworms straight.


~ by smwilliams on October 24, 2013.