Linguistic History

hagarAs frequent readers know, I like to occasionally delve into a bit of linguistic and grammatical history on this blog, in an attempt to class up the joint and help make my readers educated, productive members of society.  Of course, to do this, I need to search the internet for the most authoritative sources.  This week, one of those sources, Comics Curmudgeon, made that easier by providing not one, but two posts on the fascinating history of the negative concord in English and other languages (you need to scroll down to Hagar the Horrible on that second link if you are only interested in linguistic theory).



~ by smwilliams on September 17, 2013.

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  1. […] Speaking of comics, In the word of modified comic strips, there is still nothing so pathos-laden and full of melancholy as Garfield Minus Garfield, but the combination of Bill Waterson and Frank Herbert in Calvin and Muad’Dib has certainly made a run for the profundity prize.  It is also good to see that someone has come up with a secondary purpose for all those great quotes. […]

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