My Writing Chums

stephenKingjane-austenAs I recently discovered, according to the “I write like” test, I write like a dynamic combination of Jane Austen and Stephen King, so you can imagine that it was an exciting week for me, when not only did word come down that Jane Austen will soon be on the ten-pound note in the UK, but I discovered an interesting interview with Stephen King that focused on the opening sentences of novels.

Sadly, it will likely be a long time indeed before Stephen King gets his likeness on money (of course, when he does, it is unlikely that anyone spearheading the effort will unleash a storm of moronic abuse by people who desperately need something better to do with their time, like throwing themselves into moving combine harvesters), but he is a wise man when it comes to openings of novels (although the opening of “It” is a wee bit clunky, in my humble opinion.  But when he does finally land on some money, there will be plenty of Stephen King opening lines to choose from to put under the portrait.  Personally, I think the obvious choice is “‘umber whunnn yerrrnnn umber whunnn fayunnn’ These sounds: even in the haze.”

~ by smwilliams on July 30, 2013.