A Safe World for Werewolf Erotica

As everyone has no doubt heard, an  appeals court in California has ruled that the warden of Pelican Bay State Prison can’t ban The Silver Crown, by Mathilda Madden.  Now, I haven’t read the book in question, but I silverCrownsuspect it may not be the greatest book ever (sorry for the snap judgement if you are reading this, Ms. Madden).  But I think the ruling is a good one, personally.  I’m sure there are plenty of books floating around that prison I wouldn’t much like, actually.  I suppose one could argue that keeping violent books out of a prison would be a good idea, but one gets the sense that the warden was more upset by the fact that there was a sexual encounter in every chapter.  Big woop de do, I say, but then I’m currently beta reading something that averages closer to a sexual encounter in every scene.  Or perhaps it was the hot human/werewold contact that upset the warden, in which case he needs to get out more (and by get out more, I mean be more aware of trends in literature, I’m not implying that there are actually wereolves and humans having sex all over the place that he might be seeing.  Not when there isn’t a full moon anyway).  Actually, the sad thing is that after two grim, werewolf erotica-free years, things have moved on, so it is entirely possible the prisoners no longer care.  Paranormal erotica is a bit passe now.  I just hope we don’t have to fight this battle all over again with clockpunk erotica, is all.


~ by smwilliams on June 13, 2013.