Once again, I got to thinking about something I was writing while I was on a ride, and had an idea for a bit of dialogue that most likely would have netted me a Hugo award, then forgot it by the time I got to where I had a computer or piece of paper.  It’s just…right there.  Something about a ferret, or maybe a Buick.  Something like that, but not clear enough for me to work with.  I’m sure there is a proper neurological reason that I have my best ideas while walking dogs, driving, or riding, but it is rather vexing.  I suppose I could call myself on my cell phone and leave a message while I’m driving, but given how often I yell at other people doing that it doesn’t seem right (not that they ever hear me since I’m in my car and they are in their own, drifting slowly across lanes of traffic or running stop signs).

My best bet these days is going to an academic conference and ending up at a presentation that doesn’t interest me.  That’s idea time gold right there – sitting in a dimly-lit room listening to sonorous, relaxing noises while I have a pen and paper sitting right in front of me.  All I have to do is remember to look thoughtful and attentive between writing.  Actually, I just happened upon a sheet of paper that I once filled up with ideas at a conference and then, um, forgot about.  Perhaps I’ll go work with that, since the ferret thing isn’t happening.

~ by smwilliams on June 7, 2011.