First Canada, Now Germany

nutellaAs my readers know, this is not simply a literary blog.  I was on top of the theft and subsequent recovery of part of Canada’s strategic maple syrup reserve.  Well, a similar band of thieves has made off with five metric tons of Nutella in Germany.  I suspect that when there are gatherings of sweet, viscous products the syrup thieves might poke fun at the Nutella bandits given the differences in the values of their hauls ($3,000,000 vs. $2,000), but I suppose the choco-hazelnut thieves can take comfort in the fact that they haven’t been caught, so far.  It is tempting to be smug about not living in a lawless wasteland like Canada or Germany, given news like this, but one shouldn’t be complacent.  It is always possible that some high-fructose corn syrup heist is just around the corner.



~ by smwilliams on April 11, 2013.