An Open Letter To Markets That Use Clarkeworld’s Submission Tracker

letterGenerally speaking, I like Clarkesworld’s submission tracker, because it sends me a friendly acknowledgement of receipt and lets me keep an eye on how things are going, and it is nice that it has been made available to other markets.  Granted, one rarely gets more information than “open” (and eventually “closed”), but that beats some markets who go with the old “If you don’t hear back in like, oh, 6, 8, maybe 14 months, you can probably assume we didn’t want it” technique.  However, it seems that somewhere in there is a place for filling out a magazine name, and some markets that aren’t Clarkesworld don’t get around to filling it out when they set the thing up, which can be a bit troubling.  I don’t need anyone glancing at my email and seeing subject lines that say “XXXX Magazine Submission”, is what I’m trying to say here.  I get enough looks as it is, and I don’t need Morality in Media on my back.


~ by smwilliams on April 4, 2013.