Where’s My Silver Jumpsuit?

rocket_jumpsuitYes, I know the typical complaint in twenty-first century year kick-off posts, is more along the lines of “where’s my flying car?”, but I’m a maverick, you know, and the silver jumpsuit thing is more along the lines of what got me thinking of this whole thing: the latest test of the Space-X Grasshopper rocket.  It seems like just yesterday we were all chuckling indulgently about pulp sci-fi depictions of space travel, with gleaming silver rockets taking off and landing hither and yon.  Star Wars and the space shuttle made it obvious that spacecraft would look more like aircraft, except maybe grubbier and more beat up.  Rockets were single-use things, just the first primitive step.

But now we’re back to reusable rockets, apparently.  So obviously, I think we can all be expecting to wear shiny jumpsuits soon.  Which means I’d better make a resolution to hit the gym.  Which ties this back to being a New Year’s day post quite nicely, doesn’t it?



~ by smwilliams on January 1, 2013.

3 Responses to “Where’s My Silver Jumpsuit?”

  1. You missed it, we have had silverish spandex combat uniforms since 1982
    Oh course why anyone would want to dress like Fat Vegas Elvis is beyond me.
    All I asked for is complete domination of the known solar system. I wanted to keep it simple this year.

    • Well, those baggy, colorful sweaters you favor just won’t be practical in the upcoming rocket-based transportation paradigm. Too many things to get hung up on.

  2. No, that’s Mr Rodgers
    I prefer a more relaxed look, like this,

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