Rest Easy, Canada

saplinesWell, I somehow managed last time, but now that the strategic maple syrup reserve thieves have been brought to justice, I have been unable to find a single news story about it that doesn’t use at least one pun.  But, after all, the situation is pretty sweet.  And it could have been a sticky situation for Canada.  I suppose I’d have to be quite the sap to deny giddy pancake lovers their puns.  I don’t know what will happen to the thieves in question – knowing how important maple syrup is to Canadians they might find themselves taken to a shack in the country and boiled for hours on end.  Still, I wonder what kind of sophisticated pipeline the thieves might have used to get their ill-gotten gains to the black market – possibly one made of blue tubing that snaked for miles through the forest.  But let’s not start in on any saccharine platitudes about how great this all is, or even Acer Saccharum ones.



~ by smwilliams on December 27, 2012.