Temporal Difficulties

I’ve been cranking along on a novel, trying to wrap us some revisions and new wordcount on a deadline, and I’m starting to realize that past versions of myself are really screwing me over.  I have enough problems with coherent plotting without various past versions of me leaving notes detailing contradictory versions of what they seem to think are brilliant ideas on directions that I could take the novel.

One past version of me will posit an idea for a scene involving, say, Vicar Dumbarton challenging someone to a race in his new Model A at the Armistice Day Cotillion, then another past version of me will leave a note about some great scene where Vicar Dumbarton is eaten by an orca on the way to the Halloween party.  And who gets stuck with reconciling all this?  Present-day me, that’s who.

Well, screw it.  I’m going to pawn it off on future me.  That poor sucker won’t know what hit him.


~ by smwilliams on November 27, 2012.

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  1. Well, your future self has my sympathy. Good luck reaching your deadline!

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