I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately (hence the dearth of posts), and I noticed a few things.  For one thing, part of my travels took me to Florida, and I must say that folks in swing states have my sympathies around-about election time.  I couldn’t even enjoy a bit of television with my room service meals.

But more to the point, look at the books I brought along for my spare time on a 3-day trip.  I don’t even know what’s wrong with me.  I was on a plane for a while, but I’d have to be delusional to think I was going to get through five books in three days on what was, after all, a purposeful business trip.  I suppose I would have felt rather smug had there been a volcanic eruption somewhere that left me stuck in an airport for two days, but as it was I just added several pounds to my backpack for no good purpose.  Maybe itt is time to think about one of those e-book readers the kids are talking about.

~ by smwilliams on November 5, 2012.