Sorry I Didn’t Get to This Sooner

After all, the heinous crime was discovered ages ago.  But it took me this long to find a discussion of the theft of millions of pounds of Canada’s strategic maple syrup reserve that didn’t reference a “sticky situation”, or worse yet “sticky-fingered thieves”.  I have too much respect for you, the readers of this blog, to have truck with weak puns.

Anyway, I have to say there is something sad about a strategic syrup reserve.  Here in New York, maple syrup is still produced by local farmers as a secondary income stream, and thus subject to wild price fluctuations brought on by outbreaks of tent caterpillars and so on.  It seems to me that’s how it should be, but leave it to Canada to industrialize and commoditize everything.

~ by smwilliams on October 26, 2012.

One Response to “Sorry I Didn’t Get to This Sooner”

  1. Bwahaha! My evil plan to corner the world’s supply of Maple syrup is coming to fruition!
    Bow down to me puny mortals or be prepared to taste the dry grittiness that is a pancake or waffle without the sugary goodness of maple syrup!

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