Sock Puppetry

Okay, I’ve always heard that the “author’s great mistake” is responding to critics (or at least attacking them), no matter how horribly misguided they may be, and I always sort of lumped sock puppetry (making up an identity to talk to yourself online) in the same sort of category, when said puppet starts going on about how great you are or attacks the critics in your stead.

Given that once caught, RJ Elroy claimed that “everyone does it“, though, we are led to two possible conclusions.  One, he’s right and only a small minority of authors get caught and roundly mocked, or two, he’s lying or loopy.  Boy, I hope it is that second one.  At any rate, it almost seems like the worst part of all this is that not only did he go around patting himself on the back, but he made up identities to write bad reviews of other authors (of course, would you want it found out that one of his sock puppets had given you a good review?  That’s the sort of thing that could ding up a reputation).



~ by smwilliams on September 4, 2012.

6 Responses to “Sock Puppetry”

  1. What’s the difference between sock puppetry, and refering to yourself in the third person?
    Barry Dylan does it and no one at ODIN seems to mind.

  2. Wanna read something scary? Click at your own peril…

  3. I agree with Lincoln!

  4. Oh, come now, Lincoln. Couldn’t you have at least gotten yourself a hotmail account for that?

  5. Lincoln is just saying that Lincoln thinks Lincoln’s ideas are good.
    Why are you against good ideas?

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