A Metaphor Made Flesh

Yes, I almost stepped on this snake, there in the grass of my lawn.  I don’t know what the little bugger was up to, but I assume it was no good, given that he was a snake in the grass and all (presumably he is still a snake but whether his is in the grass at the moment I can’t say).

Here’s another view, in case the first was not clear:

I just hope I don’t run across any cat metaphors made real, because most of them are pretty unpleasant.



~ by smwilliams on August 30, 2012.

4 Responses to “A Metaphor Made Flesh”

  1. Ha! That reminded me of this horrible thing we once bought from a joke shop. It was called a ‘cat in a bag’. You can imagine. 🙄

  2. Sure that’s not just an insurance mascot?
    Did it have a fake British accent, like Madonna’s?

  3. […] Pick any old saw at random, and this becomes obvious.  You could stroll up to someone engaged in skinning a cat, for instance, and observe that there were several ways he could go about it.  But first of all, […]

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