Nature, Gray in Paper and Stingy Bits

I do try to be kind to little members of the natural world that stop by, whether that means trying to avoid running them over or even re-locating them to pleasant new surroundings.  But I’m afraid these latest visitors will not be gently moved, nor, after not one, but two accidental and very close encounters with their brethren, will I be able to adopt a “live and let live” philosophy.  Those were both exciting encounters, and it is sort of sad that I don’t have pictures for the blog.  Or video, which is what it would really take to capture the dynamic quality of things.

I hasten to point out that these are no honeybees, nobly sacrificing themselves for the good of the hive when they sting, more in sorry than in anger.  I have quite a few arguments with the dog over honeybees.  I hold them to be fine little buggers, but he hates them.  That or just thinks they taste good.  Why, just this morning, I caught him trying to lick one through a window screen as it rested on the other side (side note – does anyone know how to get dog slobber out of a window screen?)  Anyway, were these bees I would endeavor to reach some sort of detente.  Wasps are another thing – they’ll sting over and over just out of plain meanness, then chuckle to themselves afterward at the wasp bar.

No, I’m afraid the only recourse here is a leather jacket, a balaclava, a drop of liquid courage, and two cans of wasp and hornet spray.  Sorry, no pictures of that either.

~ by smwilliams on August 14, 2012.

4 Responses to “Nature, Gray in Paper and Stingy Bits”

  1. What about the lighter? You are using an improvised flamethrower right? “It’s the only way to be sure.”

  2. I am a touchy-feely vegetarian, and I vote for burning the suckers, too. They are relentless.

    My husband got stung half a dozen times the other day. Granted, he had started an old tractor and the wasps had built their home in the engine, but still…

    There’s just something about wasps that make you want to kill them. I think it is because if you let them, they’ll eat you. Come to think of it, I could say the same thing about my dog.

    I better quit while I’m ahead. I hope you managed to remove the offending critters with minimal damage.

    • Well, look here, people – that nest is nestled in a row of rather dry Tamaracks. The neighbors already think I’m odd. It’s bad enough they see me running around on a summer night in a leather jacket and face mask; an impromptu bonfire would be a bit much. Now, of course I was eager to try out my improvised wasp control device (its main components are a propane tank from the grill, a length of garden hose, and duct tape), but once again I had to put it off. During the last two encounters the wasps had taken my brushcutter hostage and used it as a shield, also preventing the use of cleansing fire, but one of these days they’ll slip up and bring the battle to open ground.

  3. Sir! I must protest your rather casual attitude! This is war! War, I say! Unleash the cleansing fire and rid yourself of this pestilence!

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