Another Question on the Creative Process

So, these ads you see these days, the ones where well-groomed person in a nice suit stands around and makes an utterly mundane pitch for good or services, while moving their hands around so that someone in post-production can make it look like they are moving some sort of holographic windows interface around.  You know the ones – have a look something like an uglier version of what they used in the movie of Minority Report, always feature someone flinging a window to one side with an insouciant gesture – those.  What I want to know is, are these the products of an ad person who thinks they are being clever?  The kind of person who, a few years back, thought mentioning “email” in a commercial was cutting edge?  Or is this a client-driven thing, where someone walks into a meeting and says “I want the ad to have those cool windows that show everyone stuff about our product, the ones you can sort of see through like the person watching the commercial is actually inside a computer!” and all the members of the creative team die a little inside?

~ by smwilliams on June 26, 2012.

4 Responses to “Another Question on the Creative Process”

  1. Minority Report is still pretty cool, but they missed out on all the wireless stuff. What will the future look like? Who knows, but Cool how they break down the tech needed in that clip.

    In regards to your question…I just got back from the vets where they were having a hard time giving away key chains in the guise of a squishy brown flea the size of a grasshopper that when squeezed, oozed a red plastic substance from its ass. Don’t ask what goes through ad/promotional people’s minds.

    • Hey, I got one of those from the Alaska tourism people, except it is a moose, with regular old poop. If you got one of the fleas, be warned that the stuff that oozes out sort of relaxes as it ages. But anyway, whoever came up with the flea thing can’t even claim to be all that creative, alas. Unless it was first, and Alaska ripped them off. Hmmm.

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