Some Quick Bonus Fiction

Inspired by the mouse I found living in my mailbox this morning:

There once was a field mouse named Cyril, who tired of living in grubby burrows in fields, and longed for a cleaner, more modern environment.  So he scaled a mailbox pole, and using secret methods known only to mouse-kind made his way inside the aluminum construct.  He was still hard at work, making himself a little nest in one corner, and hanging photographs of his vacation to Six Flags Scranton, when a a squeaking from down below caught his attention.  He looked out of his new home, to the ground so far below, and saw his friend Vernon the vole, waving his little paw in greeting.

“Hello, Cyril,” Vernon shouted in his squeaky little vole voice.

“Hello, Vernon,” Cyril called back.

“So you’ve finally realized your dream of living high above the ground, eh?”

“Yes I have,” Cyril said, a bit of pride creeping into his voice.  “The view from here is remarkable.  I believe I can see a cow, which must be dozens of yards away.”

“Oh, how I wish I could live in a mailbox,” Vernon said.  “To think of all the mail you’ll be able to read!  News from far-off lands!  Thrilling tales of the lives of countless creatures!”

“I suppose,” Cyril replied.  “But I think instead I’ll just chew up some of it for more nesting material, and pee on the rest.  I do enjoy peeing on things.”

“Well, whatever you like, of course,” Vernon said.  “It is your home, after all, and a mouse’s home is his-”

Suddenly a massive stick burst into Cyril’s new home, poking at him until he fled, leaping to the road below.  In short order his meager furnishings followed him on to the ground.

And so there was nothing left for Cyril to do, except to plot revenge on his tormentor by one again crawling into the engin of his truck and wedging a piece of dry dog food into the throttle control.


Addendum: The picture with this post is not actually of the mouse in my mailbox, but rather some other mouse in another mailbox.  I had some technical difficulties getting my own mouse picture off my cellphone, but fortunately for me this is apparently a common phenomenon.  I must credit Pierre, SD postal carrier Robert Robbinholt for this picture.

~ by smwilliams on June 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “Some Quick Bonus Fiction”

  1. You didn’t poke Cyrill too hard, I hope?

  2. Apparently not, because he’s come back for more twice now. Possibly he just enjoys leaping from the mailbox and soaring to the ground below.

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