Summer Reading

Well, it’s that time of year again, when everyone trots out their Summer reading lists.  Who are these people that read more in the summer, is what I want to know.  Personally, I read more in the winter, because I’ve got so many other things to do in the summer.  Granted, not everyone out there has to spend as much time mowing various things as I do, but it seems weird to have so much extra time in the summer.  I guess the theory is that people are on vacation, and thus have time to read on the beach, though I suspect a more accurate explanation may have something to do with TV rerun schedules, because one vacation hardly seems worth rearranging whole reading lists over.

Perhaps I should just vacation more in the summer (and I will plow through some serious bookage when I need to travel on a plane, it’s just that I normally do that for work).  But I still don’t understand the notion of reading different kinds of things in the summer, which is the other part of the Summer read mythos.  To hear people talk about the “fun” books they recommend for the summer you’d think they spent the whole winter reading things that bored them stiff, their ennui matching the grim weather outside their chilly garrets.  That’s a nice contrast to the other sort of Summer reading list, I suppose, the scholastic kind meant to sharpen brain gone soft and spongy with time off from studies.  Honestly, if one must change reading habits with the season, I’d think the kiddoes would be better off plowing through a book a day and the adults improving themselves by reading stuff they don’t really want to.

Anyway, I’m off to reread Rider at the Gate, then The Terror – it’s friggin hot here and I could use some good descriptions of bone-chilling cold.

~ by smwilliams on June 19, 2012.

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  1. […] Apparently, it is summer. It snuck up on me during the week. It got blazing hot last weekend. And being so close to the coast, the heat brought the fog. We call it the Sonoma County air conditioner. The temperature plummeted below 70°F, and, come Wednesday, I completely forgot the summer solstice was upon us. So, here we are in the midst of summer, and I haven’t put together a summer reading list! […]

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