Happy Blogiversery to Me!

Well, I appear to have been blogging for a year now, more or less regularly, so that’s something.  I don’t know that I’ve exactly set the literary world afire, but after all this whole blog thing is as much about me practicing writing and exercising a bit of discipline in doing it as anything.  The blog as a tool for marketing and a gathering place for my thousands of fans can wait a while.  Anyway, it’s been fun so far, and hopefully it will continue to be so.  I was reminded this morning, when I finally started getting a serial I’m writing off the ground (not the new serial Saturday serial, another serial, and I think the fact that I’m writing a bunch of serials is evidence that I may not have this marketing thing down, like I said), that writing really is a satisfying thing, whether anyone else cares about it or not.  When it’s going well, the sun shines brighter and the birds chirp in a more musical fashion.  So here’s to writing, I say, whether anyone reads it or not.  But I hope ya’ll do.  And for the person who found this page while looking for a place selling hand-made candles in Madison county – sorry, but I hope you found something of interest.

~ by smwilliams on April 6, 2012.