Serial Saturday: Two down

A brief pause on Serial Saturday, here.  I’m poised to hit the one-year anniversary of this blog, and of Serial Saturday, and I’ve neatly finished off two serials just in time for that.  I wasn’t planning on things being quite so tidy; it just worked out that way.  My next serial will return to good old Lovercraftian stuff, though it will be set about eighty years prior to the first serial I did here.  I recently sold a short story (which I will relentlessly promote here as soon as it actually hits the street) in this setting and with some of the characters as in that story, jolly fun Tommy-gun toting illegally-drinking folk, so it was on my mind.  And it all ties in nicely with Legacy, recently published in the Arcane anthology.  I hope everyone enjoys i

~ by smwilliams on March 31, 2012.