Bloggerby the Scrivener

I’m beginning to get quite cross with Blogger (TM).  Livejournal is a bit annoying, with its insistence that one have a Livejournal account to comment on other people’s Livejournal posts and so on, but at least they are honest about being an exclusive club and all.  Blogger pretends to be a nice piece of open blogging software, but is ridiculously titchy about who is allowed to comment.

I have Livejournal, WordPress, and Gravatar identities all lined up and ready to go, but about 80% of the time none of them are good enough, and Blogger blandly tells me that there is an “error”.  Occasionally, it will lead me off the blog in question to or Livejournal or whatnot and have me log in, then send me back, all logged in and ready to go and tell me that I “don’t own that identity” when it just watched me prove my ownership.  If it would tell me what the problem was, exactly, maybe I could do something about it, but what can one do in the face of such bland intransigence?  It’s like talking to Bartleby the Frickin’ Scrivener.

So if you know me and you have a Blogger blog, there’s a good chance you’ve missed on one of my patented comments that is so witty and true that it is like to make the angels weep.  Sorry about that.

~ by smwilliams on March 21, 2012.