Hmm, Maybe Google Isn’t Quite So Much of a Threat After All

I’m as concerned as anyone about Google’s new privacy policy changes, but I notice that when I use gmail, the context-sensitive advertisements I get when I hop over to my spam folder are for things like “Spicy Spam Kebab Recipe” , or “Spicy Spam Fajitas, serves 8 – add extra salsa if desired”, which raises a question (well, two questions, really, the first being is anyone really making enough money off of Spam recipes that it is worth advertising them?  Okay, three questions, the second being does the originator of this recipe really think I need their friggin permission to add as much salsa to my fajitas as I damn well please?).  Anyway, the main question is, if the best that Google can do, with all its data mining and crawling through my personal information, is to give me ads based on the folder name I’m looking at (which they came up with, by the way), are they really the threat we all fear? Or perhaps they are acting deliberately dumb to throw people off the scent.  Hmmmm.

~ by smwilliams on March 13, 2012.