Oh, Settle Down, Amazon

So Amazon is throwing its weight around again.  John Scalzi, as usual, summed it all up quite nicely by calling it a “dick move”.  That seems to be the prevailing opinion among authors, actually.  Not that it is an attempt to subvert capitalism itself, like so many thought with the whole Macmillan “you’ll sell us your books for what we tell you to, muchacho”  business, but just a kind of jerky thing to do (sort of an “Oh Amazon, there you go again” reaction).  And of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying stuff from a jerk – they’re just selling you stuff, not coming home to meet the family, but it’s starting to make me wonder.  I mean, if I had my choice between two hardware stores, and I happened to know that the owner of one liked to kick small dogs and throw stuff at elderly nuns, I’d be inclined to go with his competitor even if it cost me slightly more.  And having talked to people who’ve actually worked in Amazon warehouses during the seasonal rush, it sounds like dog kicking and nun-thowery isn’t all that far off, from a work environment standpoint.

I guess my question is really “Why you gotta be a jerk about it, Bezos?”  Also, I just noticed that the book I was thinking of buying is cheaper at Barnes and Noble online than Amazon.  Just sayin’.


~ by smwilliams on December 15, 2011.

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  1. But if I don’t shop at Amazon, will I have to venture out into the real world? Guess I’ll have to start checking B & N’s website.

    • I’m kind of fond of Malaprops.
      Not my local bookstore, but a local bookstore. And they have a nice online thingy, so I don’t have to venture outside (or take an 11 hour drive). My local bookstore is still working on the online thing, alas.

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