Oh, You’re an Expert at This, Are You?

For whatever reason, the latest crop of comment spam to hit this blog has all come from various places set up to to sell essays to credulous and somewhat dim students.  One of these places has “expert” in their URL (another, rather amusingly, actually has “plagiarism”), but I assume they are all run by the same bunch of halfwits.  “To reach A+, different students must state if they are willing to compose the buying essays papers”?  Really?  “No one which achieves achievement does so without recognizing the assist of others. The knowing and certain admit this support with thankfulness.”?  That last one sounds vaguely like a fortune cookie written by someone who just took a sharp blow to the head.

My point being that I, as a semi-professional writer, find this a bit insulting.  You want to spam the comments with pitches about buying stupid hats, stupidhats.com?  Fine, I’ve got no dog in that hunt (okay, I did blackhole you, but it was all in good fun).  But if you’re going to spam about writing on a writing blog, bring your A game, man.

~ by smwilliams on August 18, 2011.