It’s a Wonder I Ever Get Any Writing Done

First, my desk, now my chair.

The good news is that her weight loss regimen has gotten her sprightly enough that she will now come all the way upstairs to torment me.

~ by smwilliams on August 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “It’s a Wonder I Ever Get Any Writing Done”

  1. Makes me want to blow some belly farts on that little chubbinator.
    Gotta love the fat cat.

  2. She has wondrously soft belly fur, too. More importantly, unlike the other cat, she doesn’t reflexively sink her claws into a person’s head when they do that to become a yowling helmet of pain.

  3. […] have dispatched my minions to deal with him, but I’m not particularly confident in their chances.  One of these days […]

  4. Hey there, how’s it going? Haven’t heard from you in a while. I took the summer off from critiquing. Love the picture of the cat. Looks like one of mine, the pose and all. 🙂 I have my blog up now. Drop by and visit. I have your name in my authors list. Let me know when one is published and I’ll put it up.

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