Free Tiny Sausage

John Scalzi actually posted this post quite some time ago (I happened to run across it while looking for the famous recipe for Schadenfreude pie, because hey, pie), but it raises some interesting questions sort of related to thoughts I’ve had myself vis-a-vis authorly blogging.

Authors are basically expected to blog these days, of course, for marketing purposes and so on, but one also hears a lot about how wanna-be authors should also put together websites, and I think this is where Scalzi’s free tiny sausage analogy comes in (you can tell the man is a pro because of his skill with analogy).

As nice as it would be for someone to happen along here and decide to offer me lots of money for a book, I’m really happy to just get a little practice making sausage, and if people enjoy the free tiny sausage and leave it that, well, that’s okay with me.  Hmm, I think I strayed into a Saxeian metaphor involving legislation.  This is why Scalzi makes the big bucks and I still need practice.

~ by smwilliams on July 19, 2011.