Another Bonechilling Idea for a Story

Or maybe it’s just me, but these junebugs are creeping me out.  I’m trying to sit quietly in my office as the sun sets and spin frightening tales, and there are about half a dozen of those enormous suckers banging against the screen.  What they’d do if they managed to get in doesn’t bear thinking about. Also, given that it is now clearly July, I can only assume that they are some sort of freaky invasive hybridized junebugs – proper junebugs are all dead by now, surely, or gone off to from cocoons or whatever it is junebugs do. There is simply no telling what sort of attack methods freaky invasive hybridized junebugs might have evolved.  Toxins, at the very least, and I’m guessing they have mandibles that could tear off a finger.








Junebug attacking someone’s finger


Unfortunately, creepy things tapping at one’s window as night falls is a bit of a cliche.  So I’m being terrorized for no good reason.

~ by smwilliams on July 5, 2011.

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  1. cliches do exist for a reason. I for one can’t stand bugs, especially the kind that are half the length of my thumb or bigger. So, such a story would terrify me.

  2. You know, the other creepy thing about Junebugs is their tendency to lurch into one’s head. Say what you will about houseflies, but at least they tend to veer off at the last moment. Perhaps when I finish refining the JT story I’m working on (or give up in disgust) I’ll bang out a terrifying tale of junebugs unscrewing nuts on landscaping machinery.

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