Robocop, Behaving Dishonorably

Robocop13From the sound of things, there are a lot of problems with the new Robocop movie, though I, of course, am fair-minded enough to reserve judgement about the remake of a near-perfect movie and the desecration of all that I held dear in my youth.  But one serious problem that really concerns me is that the new version is rated PG-freaking-13.  The original, of course, was not only rated R, but it was an R that did not fool around.

Now, clearly, it is a movie that should be rated R, and have all the attendant gore that goes along with it, in order to live up to the artistic vision of the thing.  But the best thing about it is that when Robocop shows up on basic cable on a lazy Saturday afternoon (will the new Robocop be rerun as obsessively in 27 years, I wonder?), you get to hear some great overdubs of the dialogue.  The only thing that improves the dramatic showdown between Robocop and Boddiker’s gang at the end is hearing Leon Nash shout “Where are you, you blackguard?”

~ by smwilliams on February 18, 2014.

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  1. Maybe we should all watch the original?

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