chessIf you are at all like me, you were probably quite excited to hear that a man in Dublin recently ate the heart of his opponent following a chess match.  “These people take their chess seriously,” you no doubt thought.  I mean, sure, we’ve all played the odd chess match to the death – it adds a bit of spice to what can otherwise be a slow-paced game.  But eating the heart of your vanquished opponent, why that takes things to a new level.  It’s like Man From the South, but moreso.

Well, prepare yourself for disappointment, because as so often happens, truth is more boring than fiction (and more boring than things Roald Dahl came up with).  As it turns out, the heart eating wasn’t the natural result of the game; one guy just killed the other guy over a dispute, one that sort of involved the chess game (I know, *yawn*, right?).  Worse yet, it turns out he only claimed to have eaten the guy’s heart.  Careful inspection showed that the heart was still there, though a lung had gone missing.

So the fellow may have eaten the other guy’s lung, and admittedly, “I’ll eat your lung!” would make a pretty good threat and all, but eating a lung when you meant to eat a heart, that’s strictly amateur hour.


~ by smwilliams on January 14, 2014.